Monday, November 3, 2008

The Land Below The Wind: Final Stop for BPLL National Tour 2008

If it wasn't because of the rain, we would have had the chance to go to the island trip on our final day in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I was looking forward for it so much but to just "berserah" to the weather that don't seem to stop from the day we arrived in KK.

Now, should anyone ask if I have had any local speciality food, I will say, I only manage to try the local "Kon Lau Mehn" (Dry Wonton Noodles) at Lintas, KK. Other than that, good seafood at the Gardens nearby KKIA.

We were staying in Best Western Courtyard, One Borneo, huge shopping complex. I can safely say in my personal opinion, it feels like equivalent walking in any major shopping complexes in the Klang Valley. It has the feel of the 1-Utama new wing.

UMS' Recital Hall was very challenging to us. Having to perform with minimal sets, last minute feedback monitors and slippery floors, I must say we have done quite a decent job. The organizers were very hospitable too. They feed us with really good food particularly the homecooked seafood at Datuk Adeline Leong's residence. Thank you Datuk Adeline, whom has been very kind to me when I was ill. I mean, over all, she really make sure that everything has been taken care off, our lodging, and all sorts. My profound and deepest appreciation to Datuk and her team for such a wonderful stay in KK.

I really missed those kids from IEC that attended our 2.5 hours Musical Theatre workshop. All of them are so bright and full with energy. They watched our matinee show and stayed back to meet us. We miss them dearly. Now some of us are connected via Facebook too! Yay! Probably in a swift of a blink of an eye, those kids turns out to be real performer on stage, larger than life and successful if they want to be.

Thank you all for watching the show. We hope you have a blast and time of your life enjoying our little nonsense on stage.

Thank you for supporting Malaysian Theatre.