Friday, September 18, 2009



7pm to 11pm Monday October 12th, 2009 @ STUDIO 2 KLPac, Sentul Park

7pm to 11pm Tuesday October 13th, 2009 @ STUDIO 2 KLPac, Sentul Park

Auditions will be maximum 10 minutes. At the audition, the panel will want to hear you sing, and see how you act and move. In addition to your song, please prepare a short one to two minute monologue to deliver in the character for which you are auditioning. Or adlib on the audition day if you prefer. Bring your own props/costume. You will also need to be able demonstrate some skill in movement and a decent sense of rhythm. Bring your music and show us your dance!

IMPORTANT!!Auditionees MUST sing a song that has been featured in a staged musical. This helps the panel of judges to gauge your suitability for the show and the role. Better if you can sing one of the songs that the character for which you are auditioning sings in Mamak Mee-Ah.

SUGGESTIONS Whilst the production team will video the auditions, do please try to bring a Theatre Biodata or CV or Press Kit or something that helps the panel to remember you. Previous experience shows that those who did got the gig over those that didn't.

We have the backing music for all the songs in the show, but if you have your own CD Backing music do please feel free to use it for the audition. If you have sheet music, please bring a keyboard player with you. And a keyboard. And an amplifier.

Ninety percent of success comes from showing up. Try to think about your strengths and what you see that you could bring to the show and the character.

There are only ten spots available. Not everyone will get one. Us saying no does not mean failure, just that you don't appear to have what we see the show needing at this time. Brian McIntyre will call everyone with a decision within two weeks.

But bear in mind that things can change. Initial cast selections occasionally drop out and strong second choices then get the call and the gig. Remember there is always a long term. If not this show, then maybe the next. Stay positive.

CONTACT To book your audition slot, please contact Dylan at 017 3338916 or email Please also advise Dylan which character you want to audition for.
Looking forward to seeing what you've got!!