Saturday, April 28, 2007

There's more coming at'cha

Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for taking your time to log onto our show's website.
There are gonna be more updates from time to time, do check it out.

So far, my experience with our rehearsals has been really good. It is also a great learning and exchange experience.

It's wonderful to work with a group of talented casts such as Soon Yoon, Doreen, Cheryl and Ivan (wow! when u guys sing...u SING!!) and not forgetting Joanne, Sabrina, Kyra & Douglas.

What's great is, i get to work and reunite with my dance teacher and mentor, Farah Dato'Sulaiman, our choreographer. (Girl, when you got it,...U got IT!)

As for our director, Brian McIntyre, whom I've worked with years ago, it's such a blessing to be under his direction. He's always open to new creative ideas.

Overall, I must say, I have the least amount of pressure doing this show.

Do come and watch us in action and we promise you a great evening of comedy, song and dance.
Guarantee best!!


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