Wednesday, May 2, 2007


...after much prodding from Elaine, am feeling a little guilty so thought I'd better write something pronto!

Glam! I echo SY's comments...that was very kind of you. I must also add to Glam's posting that personally I've got to thank everyone's patience when I 'collapse' either in laughter or from forgetting if I should move my right/left leg/not at all! - and I still have not worked out how to 'move the bottom half of my body without moving the top half!!'.... hmm 3 weeks...hmmm nerves

Yes come by the Attic on 9th May... it'll be a chance to get pre-show feedback!!

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Sharon said...

my cousin 'collapsing' - haha, yes, i can visualise that... :)

as to "moving the bottom without moving the top" -- u've just got to keep working at IT... :)

if i dont see you in action, here's wishing you and the rest of the cast, "Break a Leg".