Friday, June 1, 2007


First of all, I wanna thank God for making all things possible.

I also wanna thank all my fellow casts, my comrades whom I'm working with in order to make this musical comedy show a major success....Soon Yoon, Ivan, Douglas, Doreen, Cheryl, Joanne, Sabrina and Kyra. It's been a wonderful show and great experience.

I wanna thank Brian and Edna, who trusted me and gave me the chance to be part of this production.
To Farah, what can I say, it's always wonderful to work with you. I can never thank you enough and I always remember all the things you have taught me over the years.
Not forgetting, Dato'Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham.

To all the crew, there's no musical show without your tireless effort and cooperation.

Last, to all those who came to see the show, thank you for all your support. Without an audience, no show is a success.
It's wonderful to see your big fat smile on your faces when you leave the show. It truly shows that, we, as performers have done our jobs well.



Aaron said...

Heya Glamorique,
Was that you at the coffee bean just earlier posting this very post after the show? Well just wanted to know I was one of the audience who had that big smile on. You guys did a fantastic job, and me and my friends had a great night, lots to talk about in the nights to come.
About the only complaint I would have is that there wasn't any booklets or guides for the show! I mean, seriously I wouldn't have minded paying for a booklet to identify who's who and as a souvenir to keep of the show.
But all in all, me and my date had a fantastic night and you guys are to thank :) Keep doing what you do guys! We love it!

Glamorique said...

hi Aaron
thanks for coming to see our show.
yes, so sorry about that...we were out of the show's programme book
as they printed only a certain amount and not expecting the show to be a total sold out until we ran out of it.
thanks for bringing this up.
hopefully, when we re-stage it again or having a sequel/part 2, there should be enough copies for everyone.
peace ;)