Friday, October 24, 2008

Workshop @ IEC, KK, Sabah

The Cast Members of Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah had the opportunities to share some tips on how to be a performing artist. We conducted a short 2 hours debrief of Acting, Singing & Dancing in the said event which was attended by more than 20 students from various backgrounds.

The flight to KK was about 2.5 hours and we were already wet traveling from the lobby to our coach because buses are not allowed to pick up passengers from the lobby. Anyway, their lobby is beautiful. The rooms are not too bad too.

Our next technical run is on Friday night. Show is on Saturday. Do come and watch us performing in KK!

For the kids who attended our workshop on Thursday afternoon, we hope you guys have enjoyed and take back some learnings from us.

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Anonymous said...

hey2.thx 4 d wonderful session!=)