Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BPLL Bump In

Hello Pentas 1, KLPAC!

Sets are being constructed and should be completed by the next day. This is a glimpse of the staircase that we will use during the opening number, "At The End of the Play".

There are also panels being built which reach as high as the ceiling.

We even test our microphones today. Not too bad la for a bump in. Tuesday's technical run would definitely be a test to everyone

Ho Soon Yoon: I have had the chance to snap some good photos in and out of the dressing room.

Shahila Johan: Gosh, she is just so hyper!

YKLS people, come and support her la! Buy more tickets and see her doing all the high kicks!

Sandee Chew:
Crew in KLPAC. Is she involved in BPLL? err, dunno ler..

Sham Sunder Binwani:

This is his outfit for "I Just Want to Be A Dame".

Nice colour Sham!
Keith Yew:
Aiks.. I don't think that's his wig...

Oh yes, the wig is for Sham lah!

Mia Palencia:
Wow! Stunning look with those gigantic shades.

Actually we have many of the same pair of glasses everywhere..

Tabitha Kong:
Remember her in "Drunk Before Dawn"? She was Lea in the musical.

Sarah Low:
Remember her in "No Limits"? She was the "Dancer"..
Tria Aziz:
Hello Datin....
Catch her in her LV bag in one of the songs.

Janet Lee:
Call her if you just want to simply look nice. She could get you all the exotic looking stuffs at affordable price.

Keith again, in his hip hop costume.

Keith Yew surrounded by the girls

(from left: Sarah Low, Zeqhty, & Shahila Johan)
Shahila Johan:
I thought I saw J-Lo, rupa-rupanya, Sha-Jo.
Yes, we know you have perfect teeth.

Actually nice ler...

Zeqhty Nattrah:
Remember her playing the role of "Junainah" in P. Ramlee the Musical?

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