Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shop! Shop! Shop!

There is a scene in "Shop! Shop! Shop" (from the Student Prince) whereby "Toh Puan Chow Mai Fan" (played by Tabitha Kong) officiate an opening ceremony of the shop. Since I was like the "guard" of the place, I was also in charge of taking pictures for the "VIPs" every night in the song. I use my own personal Nikon Coolpix S9 to snap the scene while Tabitha is still singing.

Take a look at the photos below. All of the photos were taken every night during act 2 on different days. Everyday, I will take 2 shots, can you guess which is which day?


Tabitha Kong said...

Haha. Even I can't tell myself la.
Do we get a prize if we figure it out?;)

carol said...

hey!!! i just saw the show last night! and i distinctively remember you taking the pic cos i was just wondering to myself whether it was just a flash or were you really taking the pic! then you exited the stage via the store door! haha! now i know!

and btw, you guys rawked! absolutely loved the show!!!

Ho Soon Yoon said...

Haha, Tabitha, you guys are so consistent.. I cant tell myself too. But I know which is which because the photos are numbered! Hehe..

Hey Carol, thanks for watching! Tell all your friends la. 2 more shows Saturday 830pm, Sunday 3pm. Call Actors Studio at 03-40479000 for phone bookings with Credit Card else, just walk in.

Remember, students can buy tickets with just RM20.00!