Thursday, September 4, 2008

Broadway Parodies Lagi LAH! Press Conference

We had a press conference at KLPAC on August 27.
5 songs were presented in full performance before the press, as a sneak preview of what to expect from these triple-threat versatile performers.

Janet, Glamorique, Keith, Tabitha, Tria, Zeqhty & Sarah

Line up, line up please!!

Brian, Glamorique, Tria, Janet, Tabitha & Shahila & gang...singing "Food, Glorious Food"

Tria & Janet says, if you wanna slim down like us...take our slimming tips....hehehehe

Glamorique singing his line of the song

Keith doing his thing

They just love food.....
Brian, Tria, Tabitha, Shahila, Sarah, Keith & Glamorique

Sarah, Zeqhty, Keith & action in "Under The Tree"

Shahila, Keith, Sarah, Tria & all ....singing"Damansara"


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